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  1. Im pretty excited about the upcomming series. I remember you talking to me about it a couple of months ago. Question though……How do you come up with the titles of your series? I know you spend countless hours praying about it and mulling over it… But it really seems like the last three have been life changers for a lot of people (Summer Love, The Deadliest Catch, and Gladius). How are you able to apply this to your preaching??


    1. I get ideas from everywhere. Movies, books, commercials or sometimes I’ll here of a sermon series from another church or Pastor I follow on twitter. Sometimes I just feel a topic I sense the Holy Spirit wants me to address and our creative team puts some skin on the topic. At times ideas are quick and easy and God lays them out fully others are labored over and thought out over longer periods of time. Ultimately we simply try to make messages relevant, engaging and practical so everyone regardless of age or stage of life can grow and benefit.

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