6 reasons personal invitations to church REALLY MATTER


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There are so many beautiful things about the culture of the church I attend and pastor. CCA is known for passionate teaching and worship, service to the community, genuine, warm and caring people and many other things that are making big differences in peoples lives. But I think one of the most important distinctions that we have grown to embrace is the lifestyle of invitation. We just call it “COME AND SEE” (John 4:29)

I asked CCA yesterday how many of them were personally invited to our church, 70% of the entire congregation raised there hands. We believe Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves and as we approach one of our biggest services of the year I thought I’d share 6 reasons that personal invitations matter so much.

1. People naturally gravitate to places where they are wanted and accepted

A personal invitation to something that means a lot to you says “I love you and want you to experience something really good too!” It’s extremely relational and it connects with people’s hearts not just their brains. Deep down people aren’t really looking for friendly churches, they’re looking for FRIENDS and people that they can really find meaningful connection with.

2. People need hope

Way more people than we realize just suffer in silence and you never know what a simple invitation to a life giving church could mean for someone or an entire family.

3. People matter to God

When we extend a personal invitation to someone, God is using our voice and our body at that moment to make his love for them known. We become the visible expression of an invisible God (like Jesus was) and they feel His care and compassion.

4. People will experience an eternal forever somewhere

This is the most sobering reason. It’s what drove Christ to the cross and why his love is still so directed towards those who do not know him. The scriptures are clear about the reality of both heaven and hell and we must be careful not to be lulled into a complacency about these things. (Hebrews 9:27)

5. People are far more open than we think if we would just be bold enough to take a step

We get in our minds that people will automatically say no or think that we’re fanatically religious if we invite them to church. But we don’t hesitate for a moment to tell someone when we’ve seen a great movie or eaten at an incredible restaurant. Just take the same approach. You’ve experienced something that has fulfilled and blessed you in an incredible way, why would we want to keep it to ourselves? Way more people than you think will appreciate your invitation and say yes and will forever be grateful you made the reach when they encounter the love of Christ.

6. Because it’s honestly impossible to be connected to Christ and not care about those he cares about

The deeper your relationship with anyone, the more intense your concern for the things they care about. Luke 19:10 is as clear as any scripture about the thing that motivated the mission of Jesus and still does. The closer you get to him, the more compassion you will feel for those who do not yet know him.

Take a step, make a reach, share the love and just simply say “Come and See.” There isn’t a greater feeling in the world than when you watch someone encounter Christ that you invited. TRUST ME!

I pray you would know that feeling THIS CHRISTMAS!


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