5 things I want to share with EVERY CCA’er!


1.As of yesterday, 165 people have said yes to Jesus at CCA in 2014 alone!! LET’S CELEBRATE!! It’s just incredible and I am totally blown away at how God is moving in peoples lives and in our church this year. We have never had a year where this many have received Christ and we must never take for granted what we are all a part of.

2. Trick or Treat on Main street is this Friday and we are totally pumped! We have 100 people coming to serve and ready to love on thousands of kids and families! It’s going to be insane in the best kind of way. These are always awesome times to not only serve our community but also hang out with church family and get to know some people maybe you see on Sunday but never get to speak to.

3. Our November series #dogood is starting THIS SUNDAY and this is going to be so much more than just a sermon series. At CCA, we have made it our mission to love God, love people and serve others, and we’re going to live that in avery strategic way. I will be sharing 3 specific ways that we can make a difference through serving others this month and I believe it could be one of our most amazing ministry months ever.

4. The Christmas service this year is going to be the absolute most amazing and memorable Christmas service that we have ever had in CCA’s history!!! Start gearing up now and making your invites to all those people that you know are more open to a church invite at Christmas than any other time of the year! We had 616 people last Easter, with 17 receiving Christ and I believe this Christmas is going to be EVEN BIGGER!!!

5. Never stop inviting. The main way that God impacts and changes lives is through the lives that he has ALREADY impacted and changed! Believe and be bold. You never know whats going on in someones life and what a simple invitation to a life giving church could mean for them and their families.

I love serving with everyone of you and am completely stoked at what the rest of this year will bring!


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