5 things that will truly change the way you live

man arms raised

I read a lot and see titles like the one I wrote here often. But in spite of it’s over usage, given the content of these 5 things I’d like to share, I couldn’t title it anything else. I am convinced that anyone and everyone who would dare to truly embrace these, will experience a shift in the way their daily lives are lived.

Life gets complicated and no matter how good our intentions are, we can forget some of the most important lessons we’ve learned over time and must revisit and revive these things often.

These last 4 months have been challenging and I am throwing myself back into these 5 truths. I dare you to join me and watch what happens.

1. Ask God to set you on FIRE!

Ask God to consume you with passion! People without passion can make a living, but people with great passion MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Life has a way of naturally leaking our drive, energy and passion. The routine of doing the same things over and over have a way of causing us to drift and get cold. Run back to God, fall flat out before him and ask him to completely IGNITE YOU! We will never be able to fully recapture the drive and energy we need because we are smart or gifted…HOT PASSION GROWS FROM OUR CONNECTION WITH A HOLY GOD!

2. Let life be determined more by CONVICTION than CONVENIENCE.

Don’t just do what comes easy, do what you know is right whether you feel it or not. When God fills our heart with his purpose, it’s an anchor and a compass that allows us to stay on course even through the most raging emotional storms. Problems, challenges and difficulties make us long for easy waters and calm winds. Don’t do it.  Stay committed to the course. Even if the storm won’t move, as long as you do, you’ll get through it and pop out on the other side.

3. Ask God to help you see people the way He sees people

This alone changes everything. One of the dangers of our faith is that the longer you are saved the easier it is to become inwardly focused and selfish. It shouldn’t be this way, but it often is. It effects the way people even see their church. We begin to view the church as any other organization created solely for our own fulfillment and service to us rather than what it truly is..a global movement with a local chapter existing for the purpose of making Christ known to those who do not yet know him. When we see broken and lost people through God’s eyes, it compels us to serve and put others needs above our own.

4. Don’t have to have every question answered before you obey God

Planning is important and strategy matters, but if you have to have every single issue covered before you ever move when God speaks you will never take a step. Just accept that big things will require faith and every line item won’t be reconciled when God says “GO!” You will learn more about yourself and God as you move forward. Yes, it’s scary but I have become convinced at this point in my life that if I’m not at least a little scared, It’s not God.

5. Accept that you will never please everyone

One of my mentors told me years ago that if you are leading well you will constantly be disappointing people. It didn’t make sense then, but it does now. You never grow easy with it but you have to accept it. The more focused you become toward the goal God has given you, the more polarizing to some people you become. Jesus was willing to let Peter go when he tried to keep him from the cross. It makes Jesus seem uncaring at the moment, but no one loved people more. He was just focused on winning MANY rather than trying to please a few.

We’re half way through 2014, I’m praying the REST of your year is the BEST of your year!




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