4 things every leader has to “GET”


After 21 years of ministry and over 15 of those in senior leadership, there are some key things that I’m convinced leaders need in order to be successful and effective. Indispensable things like integrity, transparency, great people skills, strong work ethic, a positive attitude and adaptability just to name a few.

Good leaders know that these are traits worth striving for and developing and the good news is, many of these can indeed be developed.

But there are 4 specific things that I shared with the CCA staff this morning that have become some of the most important things that I have discovered in all of these years of leading. 4 things that a leader must truly “GET” if they want to be effective and impactful in what God has called them to do.

Here we go.

1. FEAR will always be in front of you – “GET” OVER IT

The one thing that no leader can delegate is courage. Someone has to be the first one to see it, believe in it and be willing to go ALL IN for it! There will never be a time when big dreams won’t have a certain amount of risk, and that risk always brings with it some fear and trepidation. The people we admire and watch do great things are not people who are somehow blessed with no fear. They’re ordinary people who decided to do what they feel called to do, even in the face of significant fear.

2. CRITICISM will always be around you – “GET” USED TO IT

Here’s the thing..criticism hurts. It makes you feel bad. But the feeling WILL wear off and is swallowed up in the victory of doing that thing that truly matters and is making a difference. Great leaders are willing to be misunderstood and criticized in order to bring change that will bless even the very people who are critical of them. If your doing big things, your critics will be many, stay focused, stay humble and keep plowing.

3. PRIDE will always come after you – “GET” ABOVE IT

Self reliance ultimately denies the power of God. When pride moves in, worship moves out. Great leaders are not simply people who learn how to overcome and conquer great obstacles, they learn how to conquer themselves. Proverbs instructs us to “Guard our hearts, for from it come the issues of life.” It’s true and we must always be on guard against pride, it’s always lurking in the background waiting to make it’s attack.

4. GOD will always be with you – “GET” ON WITH IT

If you only wait for perfect seasons before you move, you will NEVER move. Pray hard for God’s strength and guidance, make the best plan you can and then get after it. Some people claim they are waiting on a “move of God”…I am convinced God is waiting on a “move of man.” Psalms 1 makes it clear that God will only bless what a man DOES..not what he says and not what he wants…but what he DOES. Make a move and watch God show up. He’s with us and desires to bless those whose hearts are surrendered to him.










  1. Thank u pastor mark this
    Is something that I need to here. Man you r right on it thank u very much as a basketball coach and a leader my self and my coaches can understand and thank u we love u pastor

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