5 things I want to share with CCA


God is leading our church through some incredible seasons and it is both humbling and thrilling all at the same time. CCA is a special place of love and healing and to have a front row seat at this special move of God is absolutely amazing. With that in mind there are five things I want to share with all of the CCA family.

1. Easter was amazing

We had 616 people attend Easter services between our 2 campuses. 23 people were baptized and went public with their faith. And 19 people accepted a risen Christ as their Savior and Lord! My mind could not help but to go back to that living room less than six years ago when we first met with those 30 people who had nothing but a hope that God could do and would do something great in our region and HE’S DOING IT! He’s a promise maker. He’s also a promise keeper!

2. God used you to change lives

You accepted the challenge to “Go Fish” and to simply reach out to all of the people in your circle of influence to “COME AND SEE” and they did! It really is so simple when you think about it. All we ever have to do is to face a little fear, be bold and watch God do what he does best. We never can tell who will fall in love with Jesus, all we can do is arrange the date. I’m proud of every CCA’er who stepped up and stepped out, God honored it big time!

3. Our upcoming series provides yet another incredible opportunity

Our new relationship series beginning THIS SUNDAY is going to be a true game changer for many. We all know people who are struggling in their marriages or discouraged with their present situation. This series is going to answer so many pivotal questions and address issues that many people are dealing with every day. FISHING SEASON IS STILL OPEN! Give people the gift of hope and keep inviting those who you know need these messages. TRUST ME…THEY WILL THANK YOU!!!

4. Serving with you is the honor of my life

It’s been nearly 21 years of full time ministry for Tina and I, and this time in our lives are some of the absolute greatest. Serving with you is such a humbling and amazing experience. Thank you for the privilege that you have given us of leading you and doing life together. The faithfulness of CCA is evident. With over 200 volunteers and the consistent generosity of our faithful givers, God is moving mountains. Thanks for believing. Thanks for serving. Thanks for giving. Thanks for trusting God. I am inspired daily by you.

5. The BEST is yet to come

We’re just getting started. We are just approaching our six year anniversary and I simply can’t imagine what CCA will look like in another 6 years, or 10 years or 20 years. Honestly, I don’t think we could possibly imagine what God truly has in store for us. All I know is that I’M ALL IN!!! There will be twists and turns for sure, but God will always prove himself faithful if we will stay faithful. Thank you again for your commitment to this journey. I’ll see you Sunday to kick off our new series…I CAN’T WAIT!



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