4 things I’m asking every CCA’er to embrace THIS WEEK!


We are just days away from, what is typically, our greatest opportunity all year for people that are far from God to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared with them.

CCA has made it it’s mission to help the hopeless find hope and the lost to find peace through Christ. God promised to bless those efforts and He is. We have already seen 65 people experience new life in Christ already this year and over 20 people are going public with their faith through baptism on Easter Sunday. We are humbled by all God is doing and to him be all the glory.

I’m asking every CCA’er to live out and embrace 4 things with me this week as we approach Easter Sunday

1. Lost people matter to Jesus, and because they matter to Jesus, they matter to us 

It’s impossible to have a true relationship with someone and not care about the things that they care about. May we never forget what it was like to be lost ourselves. That remembrance creates the passion and love we need to do all we can to share this joy we have with others.

2. Every single one of us can make a real difference

God has strategically placed you and given you a specific circle of influence so that you can leverage that influence to help introduce people to a God who is absolutely crazy about them. You may not consider yourself to be a leader, but YOU ARE! Leadership is simply influence and there are people with whom you have particular influence. We have the chance to LEAD them to something ETERNAL!!!

3. Our love, passion and excitement attracts others to “Come and See”

In John 4, it was a woman with a sketchy past and a terrible reputation who convinced an entire city to come and see Jesus. Her passion that resulted from her personal encounter with Jesus, attracted others to check it out for themselves. This is still how it works. When we are passionate about our personal encounter with Christ and excited about what God is doing in and through CCA, it creates a desire in others to “come and see” for themselves.

4. If we will DARE, God will DELIVER

This is the week to overcome your fear, seize the moment and make the ask. Trust me, they are waiting for someone to invite them. They aren’t sure where to go but they are thinking about it right now. The first person who is willing to step up and extend the invitation will generally be the one who gets the “yes.”

With the grand opening and public launch of our University campus, as well as all that God is currently doing at CCA, we are expecting our largest Easter ever. Let’s believe together for many lives to be changed.

Thank you CCA, you make leading a joy and I am so honored to be on this journey with you.

All for Christ!



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