When audiences turn into armies


I know the typical statistics. In fact, I have led in environments where those typical statistics were in full effect. The Pareto principle is very real. It is also known by several different names, “The law of the vital few” and “The principle of factor sparsity” just to name a couple. You probably know it best though as “The 80-20 rule.”

It simply states that 80% of effectiveness comes from 20% of the people. Again, it’s a very real phenomena.

It’s also why, when people hear that CCA has a 64% volunteer rate in our church, they are compelled to ask “How are so many people getting involved in weekly serving at  CCA?”

It’s a great question and one that we have thought about quite a bit. It’s really important to note that it hasn’t always been this way. We were also victims of the 80-20 rule for a long time but we eventually saw some real shifts that began to change everything.

The following are just my simple observations and attempt to answer why this is happening at CCA.

1. Big challenges make us lean hard on each other

We are a portable church with soon to be, 2 locations. In the last 5 years our Alachua campus has moved 4 times. One of those moves was to an elementary school cafeteria that required a complete 2 hour set up and tear down. To this day, when I think about it, I cannot help but be amazed at how God sustained us during that time.

But that experience drew us closer together. We needed each other desperately and still do. Many times in life we long for easier and more comfortable moments but often it’s the very fire of difficulty that forges our togetherness and turns mere audiences into true armies.

2. Big emphasis on biblical living leads to a culture of service

We teach and preach that to follow Jesus completely is to realize the power of the towel. Jesus didn’t raise the dead, feed five thousand or walk on water and then look at his disciples and say “This is what being like me looks like”

When he taught that lesson, he did it in a room of 12 men with nasty feet.

The actions of Jesus that night sent a clear message. There is a time to SIT AT THE TABLE AND BE SERVED and then there is a time to GET UP FROM THE TABLE AND SERVE OTHERS.

Our church has committed to following our Master in this way.

3. Big vision ignites hearts

Deep down, we all desire to be a part of something that will last beyond us.

We all want to know that our lives are making a difference.

We are a church on a mission. We are committed to reaching people who need the hope of Christ with every available method and resource available to us. We understand that we are a small part of a HUGE MOVEMENT.

We have been called to continue His legacy to our part of the world and that means attempting big things, dreaming huge dreams and stretching our faith to bring the love of Christ to as many as we can.

This vision ignites our hearts to serve Him and others.

4. Big celebrations happen when our service has made a difference

We know that every smile, hug, handshake, welcoming heart and engaging environment we serve to create sets the stage for miracles to happen, and when they do, WE CELEBRATE IT BIG TIME!!

With every story that is shared of someone’s life being changed, it rekindles our hearts to serve even more. We know that what we are doing matters and is making a difference.

We are honored to be a part of this amazing moment in time where God is working through us to make huge dents in our part of the universe.

Here is an example of what we call “Serving Fuel” Watch THIS


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