Made for More

It is clear in scripture that God desires more for His people. Over and over the bible indicates not only how much God loves us but also how incredibly committed He is to helping us reach and fulfill our maximum potential in Him. 

So while the possibility of God granting us more is extremely appealing to everyone, I think we have to address a major hiccup in the system…our definition of “more.”

We live in a world governed by a system and philosophy that defines ‘more’ in an extremely opulent and self indulgent way. This creates difficulty at times in our journey with God because we are constantly expecting Him to produce this type of ‘more’ in our lives when the truth is He doesn’t define His movement by the worlds system and tells us over and over not to either.

Let me offer 3 simple examples of how God”s definition of ‘more’ contrasts with that of our current system and why it’s better.


Take some time today to read Ecclesiastes 5:10-12 NLT. Now while there isn’t anything wrong with pursuing financial stability and working hard for goals and dreams, the issue that God often addresses is this issue of source, trust and dependency. God knows it is easy for us to become a slave to our stuff, and ultimately money is a wonderful servant but horrible master. 

Paul said in his letter to the Philippians that he had found the secret to life. Thats a pretty compelling statement and here’s what he said it was….Contentment through and in Christ. (Philippians 4:11)

Again, there isn’t anything wrong with money but according to scripture we were made for more than money.


God has always made a point to indicate to us in scripture that WHO YOU ARE is so much bigger than WHAT YOU DO.

We are taught as children to admire great deeds and accomplishments and that this is the pinnacle of actually being great. As a result we make celebrities and heroes of people who can run fast but treat women like garbage. We elevate people who can win elections but have the morals of an alley cat, we make people objects of admiration who can climb ladders to top CEO positions but who steal, cheat and lie to anyone and everyone they need to to get ahead. 

God says we were made for more than this. Character counts with God and counts big. When He calls us salt and light in scripture He clearly says the hope we bring to the world will be the result of the Godly values that guide our hearts and lives and not simply the great accomplishments that line our walls.


It is a natural tendency to believe that if we simply had less struggle in life that everything would be so much better but we must remember that man first fell in a perfect and pain free environment.

Read James 1:2-4 and you will see that there is a purpose behind our pain and that God allows it in our lives not because He doesn’t love us but rather because He loves us so much.

Here are three important things struggles produce:

a. it creates true reliance on God-

When things are plentiful and easy God is an AFTERTHOUGHT…but things get dark and desperate He becomes our ONLY thought. Desperate times make us desperate for God.

You will never really know that God is all you need until He is all you got.

b. it raises our gratitude quotient- 

We can never fully appreciate anything until we know what it’s like to not have it. A thankful life is a blessed life. And many times the only way we renew our deepest gratitude is to periodically know what it’s like to do without…this is a good thing.

c. resistance builds resilience-

In personal fitness, it’s really pretty simple. The more demand that is placed upon the body, the more developed the body becomes. So it is with our spirits.

God knows that when it comes to us living out His purposes and will, flabby faith will not cut it.

It will require firm, tone and well developed faith. So in His infinite wisdom and love He allows resistance. I am so thankful for this now in my life, it has shaped and molded my leadership and my character. 

I hope this helped you and I pray as you reflect on His will for your life that you would truly celebrate the fact that you were indeed….MADE FOR MORE.


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