Raising your Stock

A company can have the most incredible product in the world but when you truly examine why some organizations are so successful, you will ultimately be left with one conclusion….It’s PEOPLE that make it happen.

Quality people produce quality products which in turn creates quantified profits. But how does an organization find quality people? Maybe a better question would be how can we ourselves become those quality people?

I believe there are 6 major factors or characteristics that can make you a great asset to any organization.


John Rockefeller once said that he would pay more for the ability to connect well with others than any other quality. He knew the truth, that it doesn’t matter how gifted, talented or brilliant someone may be, if they are difficult to deal with and struggle in human relationships they will quickly become a shiny but useless piece of the puzzle. Work on your people skills and learn to easily connect with others on a heart level and you will immediately see your worth begin to rise to those around you.


Anybody can see whats wrong and easily point out the flaws and faults, but it is the mark of a leader  to think on it long and deep enough to find and create a solution. These people are the real difference  makers in every organization and when you become proactive in creating solutions you quickly become a go to player on the team.


Few things are as draining to a leader as having someone on your crew that you have to instruct in every little thing. Initiative is simply doing the right thing without having someone have to tell you to do it. When you become the kind of person that is consistently bringing new information and ideas instead of always waiting on new ideas and information, your worth rises quickly in the organization. Look for the things that you know need to be done and then do them quickly and without prompting and people will be glad that you are on their team.


We all naturally gravitate to encouragers and likewise, we all naturally are repelled by discouragers. Which one we ourselves will be is a choice we make. At the moment that you choose to care about and help others, you can count on the fact that they will begin to gravitate towards you. When things aren’t going the way you want them to go don’t fall into the long line of complainers and do what they do. Stand out, be positive and give the people around you hope, it is a distinguishing mark of a true leader.


As a leader of an organization I look for this trait in my potential team members perhaps more than any other. Life is too short, the hours are too long and our mission is too important to not enjoy the people I labor with. Attitudes are like potent air born viruses……easily and quickly caught. People with great attitudes are not only a pleasure to be around but after a while their spirit begins to infect everyone else on the team. This is a major asset to any organization and worth cultivating.


Do more than is expected. Go above and beyond. Never live on the minimum level. People who constantly live on the minimum level not only never get past minimum wage but also experience the minimum that life in general has to offer. Commit yourself to being a maximum individual and never do only what is expected. It’s the people who are doing the things that others aren’t willing to do that eventually end up with the compensation and favor that others wish they had. Live a second mile lifestyle and your worth in the organization will elevate dramatically.

What did I miss? Leave a comment and tell me some things that you think are important as well.



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