What’s your P.Q.?

I’m sitting in an airport watching people frantically walk around trying to catch flights and it got me thinking…what’s your P.Q.? Now I now you are probably asking what exactly is P.Q.? Good question.

Many people are familiar with I.Q. or one’s intelligence quotient, but many have probably never thought about their P.Q. or one’s PEOPLE QUOTIENT.

Unfortunately, some view people as something in life to be endured rather than something in life to be enjoyed. It’s tragic to me that more people don’t strive to learn to appreciate others and relate to them more effectively. I believe that everyone should strive to become a true people person and here are several reasons why.

a. It elevates your influence- People love being around others who make them feel better about themselves and are generally very open to their ideas and concepts.

b. It makes you a stronger witness for Christ- When we genuinely care and relate to others well, we stand out in stark contrast to a world who cares only about themselves. They see and sense the difference and it gives us a valid voice for Christ in their life.

c. Great people skills make you a real asset to any organization- When people enjoy working with you and respect you, promotions are generally not far behind. Organizations that thrive know that it’s about 10% product knowledge and 90% people knowledge. Learn to relate on every level with others and your stock in any organization rises exponentially.

With that in mind here are three ways to connect with people immediately.

1. People like to feel special…..so compliment them.

Take time to not only notice when someone does something well but take the time to tell them that you noticed. Make a habit of being sincere and generous with your compliments, it will impact people immediately.

2. People want to believe in a better tomorrow….so give them hope.

Be an encourager and stay positive. Help people going through difficult times see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remind them that life is just seasons and no season lasts forever. You will find people gravitating to you more than ever.

3. People need to be understood…..so listen to them.

One of the best ways to influence others is not always with our mouth, many times it’s with our ears. Take time to listen to others points of view and learn to not just hear their words…learn to hear their heart. Good listeners are not only popular every where they go but after a while they actually know something.


One comment

  1. I enjoyed this Pastor Mark. Thanks for taking the time to post. Have a safe trip and may minds and hearts be open for God’s message.

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