CCA Ministry Center update

Back in October of 2010 and after much prayer, fasting and discussion, God led us as a church family to begin the process of establishing CCA’s first ministry center on our recently aquired 15.4 acres of property on 441. Building a facility of any size is quite an undertaking but building one of some 15,000 sq. ft. simply requires a great deal of planning, leg work and of course, time. We have been working diligently and closely with our project manager and engineers to ensure we think through every detail of construction so as to make the process as smooth as possible. We anticipate some gliches, setbacks and problems from time to time as this is always a part of any project like this. However, we are getting very close and I wanted to take a few moments and give you a quick update on where we are at present.
1. Architectural drawings and plans complete – After 4 drafts we have finally settled on a design that combines effective function with an engaging and visually inspiring atmosphere. It is going to be simple but scenic. We hope to have a drawing or even scaled model available soon at service for you to view.
2. Second story engineering nearly complete – Because of the two stories on the educational side of the building there had to be some additional engineering to insure proper load tolerances. We are still waiting on this to be completed but shouldn’t be long now.
3. Compilation of the various labor bids nearly all in – There are many large and small aspects of a building project and because of this many people are involved. We have compiled nearly all the bids to place in our construction portfolio to effectively gauge total cost and secure financing. Only a few are left to be turned in but we anticipate them soon.
4. Civil engineering and site plan nearly complete – There are several moving parts to this but we are very close to establishing how the property will need to be prepared, where the water retention will be and how the building will be arranged on the property.
5. Next will be to make our presentation to the city for approval and pull the permits – We believe this will be a smooth experience but there are never any guarantees. If all goes well we will be ready to bring in the site prep crew, move machinery on the property and start turning dirt.
1. Keep Praying – We must remember that it is God that has led us here and it will be God that sees us through. Pray for favor in wisdom, finances, and with our city so that things will move forward as smoothly as possible. Even though this involves dirt, block and metal, at it’s core we are engaging in a very spiritual endeavor. We need God more now than ever to do what only he can do.
2. Keep Giving – Even in these tough economic times our church has given sacrificially to this great cause and for that I am so proud of our people and yet so incredibly humbled at how everyone has rallied behind the vision. The stories of how God has honored His people for investing in His Kingdom have been amazing and inspirational. When we sew….we most certainly will reap…God promised we would. My family and I are going to continue to give to this cause and want to encourage you to join us in your continued giving as well, IT WILL BE WORTH IT.
3. Keep Serving – God is blessing and we are increasing. God has added many families in the last 4 weeks to our fellowship and we are so excited to see our CCA family growing. It is all due to the incredible favor of God and the selfless serving of His people. It takes so many giving of themselves to make what happens at CCA happen and I cannot tell you how honored I am to serve alongside such wonderful and giving people. We must not grow weary in well doing even though at times it is so easy to do. I pray daily for God to refresh and renew your strength as you go about your day and that His blessing would be on everything you put your hand to. WE ARE ALL APART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!
All for Christ, JMark

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