So much has happened, is happening and will happen at CCA that I wanted to take a few moments and reflect on the past month as well as share some of the upcoming events that we feel are game changers for our fellowship in the weeks and months to come.

1. Balancing your Benjamins- I am convinced that this was one of the most impactful series on finances that I have ever taught. If you were not able to hear these messages live you can download them for free here…Balancing Benjamins. There has never been a better time to hear God’s thoughts on this incredibly significant issue than perhaps now. I can’t tell you how many testimonies have come to me about how this series has changed things for people during these last 4 weeks. We are thankful.

2. Egg Drop- The buzz surrounding this event is reaching epic proportions. CCA is partnering with local businesses in the community to provide something families in our area have never seen before….an Easter Egg hunt on STEROIDS. To find out anything and everything to do with this unbelievable event click here. Egg Drop. Every family that participates is not only going to have an incredible time but they are also going to receive a personal invitation to experience CCA with us on Easter sunday morning. The planning and strategy that have went into this event is enormous and we believe God is going to bless it in an incredible way.

3. Simple Jesus Series- This 3 week series beginning Easter sunday morning is going to be the most engaging series for those who are curious about Christ but not yet convinced I have ever preached. We have challenged CCA and given them a tool to invite 40 people each to Easter sunday and have made room by providing 2 service opportunities for these 3 weeks, one at 9:30 am and another at 11:15 am. We are asking God for more souls in these 3 weeks than ever in our nearly 3 year history. To find out more about this series check it out here..Simple Jesus.

4. Mass Baptism and Family day- On May 15th, the Sunday after the conclusion of our series, we are having one mass outdoor baptism service and family day on the CCA property. We believe God is going to do some amazing things in peoples lives in this season of outreach and through this series and we are pumped about welcoming many new souls into the kingdom and our CCA family.

5. Ministry Center Construction to begin soon- Getting things of this magnitude and significance up and going takes time. We have secured the drawings and architectual plans and are in the process of acquiring bids for all aspects of our project. The Civil engineering is in process and site prep is soon to be underway. These are exciting times and days of ministry and I am so proud of CCA for the way everyone has embraced the vision and are working together for this great kingdom cause. If we attempt great things for God, we can always expect great things from God. He is moving and I am thankful to be a part of this incredible vision and adventure. Stay tuned….THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

All for Christ, JMark


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