Balancing your Benjamins and why this last message will change everything

For the last 3 weeks CCA has taken an incredible journey through God’s word and gleaning it’s wisdom in the area of personal finance. NOTHING COULD BE MORE SPIRITUAL. We don’t often think of it in these terms but it is certain that the Bible does.

The concept of our series has been extremely simple but so effective. If we understand the three physical laws of balance, we can then apply them to anything in our lives that are out of balance and bring stability to it. The stories that have come in of how people are embracing these truths and watching them work are incredible and so encouraging.

This is our last week in our series and the reason I am using space on my blog to invite and encourage people to attend is because IF THERE WAS ONLY ONE MESSAGE IN THIS SERIES YOU COULD HEAR…..THIS WOULD BE THE ONE.

There is a system that many people follow that literally closes the door of God’s involvement in the area of our personal finances, but when THE LIST IS FLIPPED, attracts God to our lives and our finances in a way nothing else ever will.

I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do in the lives of those who respond to His word this week.

Our finances and our heart are undeniably linked together and because God is on a mission for our hearts, He consistently challenges the priorities of our lives.

If you have missed any or all of BALANCING YOUR BENJAMIN’S , you can click the link and download them for free.

God is truly doing some amazing things here at CCA and we hope you will come and experience this life changing service with us.


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